Tuesday, February 19, 2019

003 Bugbears!



Ray's Bigfoot Bugbears

This evolved species of bugbear is even taller and harrier than it's progenitors. Surprisingly, given the odious habits of standard bugbears, the Bigfeet are evolved in mind as well as in body. They are quite intelligent and use violence only as a last resort. Harried by so-called civilized people who can't see the difference between the Bigfeet and their low-brow cousins, they have retreated into seldom-travelled corners of The Wild. Most live alone, wandering a well-defined territory, but once a year, on the longest night, they gather together for a night of revelry in which they descend into their more savage natures. Having spent this energy, they go their separate ways in the morning and don't like to talk about what happened with each other, let alone outsiders. Some are killed at these revelries. But also there are unions that bear fruit.

Solitary, large, intelligent

Instinct: to be left alone and repress their savage nature
Move: know every leaf and stone of their territory, read the stars, lose control of their temper.

Fists (d8+5, close, reach, forceful), 10 HP, 1 Armor

Logan's Old John Broken Teeth

Group, Organized, Intelligent, Terrifying

Dagger (d8 damage) 6 HP, 3 Armor
Hand, Close

Special Qualities: Expandable Jaw

They call him Old John Broken Teeth and he’s killed many a lonely traveler along the narrow forest road to Hillbrook. The few survivors who claim to have seen him say he’s taller than a rearing horse but his body is thin and covered in dark, greasy fur. They claim his mouth can open wider than your shoulders and it’s full of jagged teeth.
What they don’t know is that John is just one of several large predators that hunt in a pack but rarely reveal more than one of them at a time. Their usual tactic is to frighten their prey by leaping out at them and then slipping back into the woods to allow for partners to do the same. When the victim is worn out, they close in and make the kill.

Instinct: Take an easy victim

Climb with great speed
Wound a leg with a deep scratch
Attack from all sides

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