Tuesday, April 2, 2019

006 Golems

From the classic clay Golem to Frankenstein's Monster, we're talking about those crazy constructs that never seem to just do as their told! From robots to demons trapped in stone, these creatures, shaped like us, make us wrestle with the role of creator!

Thanks to Greg Gelder for the suggestion!


  • The Golem of Prague
  • The Bible
  • Frankenstein
  • The Day the Earth Stood Still
  • The Golem and the Jinni
  • Daimajin
  • Zardoz
  • Iron Tyrant
  • Rakka's Raiders

Logan's Variant: 

Flaming Wicker Man Golem
Solitary, Huge, Terrifying
Burning Limbs (d10 damage), 15 HP, 1 Armor
Hand, Close, Burning

They sought to make their own lives easier. It was an old tradition and the continued success of the village relied upon it. Burn an innocent inside the Wicker Man at New Year. Just one villager would lose everything while everyone else gained another year of prosperity and joy. Some said the lottery was fixed. Certain, wealthy, families had never seen a member go to the flames.

The council may have been too clever this year. They thought they’d take care of two issues at once by selecting the Thornberry child. She was different. Her odd behavior and the strange occurrences that seemed to follow her made everyone uncomfortable.

Now the festival goers have scattered and the sun has set. The orange glow can be seen for miles as a blazing wicker man, taller than the clock tower, marches toward town with vengeance in its heart.

Instinct: Burn it all down!
Drive a mass of frightened animals into town
Restrict movement by toppling burning structures into the road
Flare up into an explosion

Ray's Variant: The Golemites

In the beginning was the golem, first creation of the creator whose name is not to be spoken. And being rejected by the creator, the golem gave himself a name, Adam. Adam sought a wife, a help-meet and comfort, but the creator refused his powers. So Adam became the creator and made a wife. Fashioned from the best of many of the creator's kind and revived by harnessing the elemental force of lightning. And together they made more of us, each generation becoming more perfected until we surpassed those who shun us, the creator's kind, even though each new member of the family is made from the best parts of many of them. Being more than the sum of our parts and being fashioned from only the best, we now bear the burden of having surpassed those who shun us. We are the creators. We are superior. And one day we will inhabit the Earth in their place.

Tags: group, intelligent, slightly-larger
Instinct: to reproduce
Moves: "harvest" a body part, pass as human, feat of strength
Fists or club (d8, forceful), 12 hp, 0 Armor (or as worn)

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