Thursday, March 7, 2019

004 Kobolds!

004 Kobolds!


The Sleestak from Land of the Lost

The Kobold of Germanic Folklore


Ray's Kobold-Chameleons or Kobeleons

Kobeleons are a variety of kobold adapted to the deep forest. They are excellent climbers and employ a prehensile tail in their maneuvers through the canopy. Their long sticky tongues allow them to reach and extract objects with incredible speed. It is very difficult for anything to escape their notice due to their sharp eyes that move independently of each other. On the other hand, it's almost impossible to see them when they are motionless because of their ability to blend in with their surroundings. They defend their territory with hit and run (or hit and hide) tactics, keeping to high perches and striking with blowguns and other basic missile weapons. 

It is rumored that a green dragon controls much of the uncharted forest and the kobeleons are her servants.

  • Snap up an object with a quick tongue
  • Hide in plain sight
  • Strike from a high perch
  • Look in two different directions at once

Logan's Kobold Champions

The Exalted Knights of Kor-Moleg
Small, Group, Organized, Intelligent, Magical
Flaming Short Sword (d10+2 damage)                                                    6 HP, 3 Armor
Close, Burning
Special Qualities: Spell Resistant Armor (direct magical effects do half damage), Tunneling

The elite fighting force of The Kobold Capital City of Kor-Moleg are known as the Exalted Knights and considerable resources and efforts go into outfitting and maintaining them. Each wears armor that is warded against magical attacks. Each has bonded with a Dire Badger mount and their gear fits together in a way that allows the rider to maintain a seat while tunneling. Lastly, each knight wields a flaming short sword that may continue to do damage if the wound is not doused or smothered.
The knights themselves are committed warriors with years of intense training. Several of them are adept in the arcane arts and will cast battle magic if allowed the time.
Instinct: Defend the realm!
  • Surprise them with a simple spell
  • Crash in or out of a prepared tunnel
  • Use a sword to catch something on fire

Armored Kobold Dire Badger
Group, Terrifying
Claws and Teeth (d8 damage)                                                      8 HP, 3 Armor
Close, Messy
Special Qualities: Spell Resistant Armor (direct magical effects do half damage), Tunneling

The Armored Dire Badgers of Kor-Moleg serve as mounts for a Powerful kobold fighting force. They are the epitome of harnessed rage!  
Instinct: Shred the enemies of my rider!
  • Send them scrambling back with a snarl
  • Crash in or out of a prepared tunnel
  •  Tear away armor